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If you're a Stage IV cancer patient undergoing treatment and live within San Diego County, we want to help. We know that filling out even the simplest forms can be challenging when you’re going through something like this, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all. We're here for you!

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Before applying remember...

What we do...

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Help Those Close To Home

All of our financial assistance is provided to residents of San Diego County.  Your contribution goes to help those in our community suffering from this late-stage disease.

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Payments Directly to Providers

All financial assistance is paid directly to service providers, such as landlords, SDG&E, and other utilities. This allows us to ensure that none of our funds are misused.

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Consistent Support

We are committed to providing support for as long as it is needed, provided we have the funds. Many organizations give only very temporary and limited financial help, leaving the patients “stranded” when modern medicine extends their lives.

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Every Stage IV Cancer Covered

Most of the large national charities focus on one type of cancer (e.g. breast or prostate), leaving many patients without resources.  CASD assists those with Stage IV disease, regardless of the type of cancer.

What we don't do...

Provide funding for medical research

Provide support for undocumented residents or non-residents

Engage in political action and lobbying activities

Give cash directly to Cancer Patients


Do you have Stage IV cancer (or an equivalent cancer diagnosis)?

Are you a legal resident of San Diego County?

Is cancer the main cause of your financial hardship?

Do you have less than $3,500 in savings?

If the answer to all four questions above is yes, please fill out an application and contact us today.

Please Read Before Beginning the Application

1. COMPLETE THE APPLICATION IN FULL  Be as specific as possible with regard to income and expenses, savings, and other forms of assistance to which you may have access.  No applications will be processed without the submission of all documents and information required.

2. AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE You'll need to complete the authorization for release of your medical information by your doctor.  Fill this form out completely, and give one copy to your doctor (oncologist, surgeon - whomever you consider to be the head of your medical team).  This form tells your doctor that you give him/her permission to provide information about you to Cancer Angels of San Diego and should be kept in your file.  Please send one copy to Cancer Angels of San Diego along with your application.‍


3. DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT Have your physician complete the Physician's Report, which will tell Cancer Angels of San Diego about your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan.  He/she may complete the form and return it to you, or complete it and mail it directly to Cancer Angels of San Diego. You may also fax it to 760-683-3088.


Eligibility Requirements


Must provide proof of identification. Picture ID, CDL, California ID, passport, employment or school ID, or other acceptable identification and social security card.


Must provide Proof of Location of residence by rent receipt, mortgage payment receipt or contract, or note from landlord; utility receipts, turn-off notice, late notice, eviction notice, foreclosure notice, 3 day notice to quit, etc.


Must provide verifiable income information. Earned and unearned income for you or other responsible persons living in the home.

Medical statement

Must provide current diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan with date and signature of treating physician.


Must provide information about owned property including liquid resources, real estate, vehicles, etc. We'll need information on your rent, mortgage and other properties, as well as rental income from other properties.

Non-shelter expenses

Must provide information about food expenses, credit payments, car payments, fuel, child care, child support, cable, furniture storage, health club, other legal obligations for you or other responsible persons living in the home.

Liquid resources

Must demonstrate that available liquid resources are below $1,000 total limit; includes bank accounts, stocks, bonds and any other accessible items that can be readily converted. Inaccessible resources are exempt.

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Application for Assistance with CASD

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The only nonprofit providing direct relief to Stage IV Cancer Patients on an ongoing basis

Unlike the larger, national organizations who primarily fund research and education, CASD is community focused and provides direct relief for patients in San Diego County with any type of Stage IV cancer who are struggling financially.

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