Cancer Angels of San Diego

The only non-profit that helps all types of Stage IV cancer patients on a continuous basis, providing consistent help to cancer patients for as long as they are ill, unable to work and facing severe financial distress.


I'm not just surviving. I am living with dignity.

See how Cancer Angels of San Diego helped Tara to stay in her home, be with family, and live life to its fullest.


You don't have to do it alone

Are you one of the 32% of cancer patients who can afford to live and receive treatment or just a paycheck away from homelessness?  Our patients are part of your community, often your neighbors who may be too embarrassed to share their situation.

Support Cancer Angels and

Help people keep the lights on

Restore Hope to Families

Keep families in their homes

Ensure families have meals every day


Right now, 6,000+ patients in San Diego are fighting Stage IV Cancer... You can help

When a person hits Stage IV cancer they often have to make a choice. Their treatment, or their living. Even though cancer patients have insurance, they can't afford to pay for basic necessities like rent and groceries due to their disability. Cancer Angels of San Diego is the only nonprofit in the nation to provide direct support for these expenses, ensuring patients can continue living life to its fullest. Join us in helping these vulnerable patients.


Help Cancer Angels of San Diego support the many patients in our community that need your help. The more we raise, the more we can do.

The Harsh Reality

Many patients suffering from severe financial devastation decide to give up treatment and work for as long as they can. This forced choice adds an additional hardship to their lives at a time when they are least able to cope. Often, these individuals carry tremendous guilt, continually asking family and friends for financial help.

Through tax deductible donations like yours, Cancer Angels of San Diego 501(c)3 distributes funds to landlords, mortgage holders, utility companies, and offers gift cards for groceries, fuel, clothing, and other services that are essential for living. These funds bring great relief to our patients, enabling them to focus on the fight.


*Cancer Angels of San Diego does not provide monies directly to its clients. Payments are made only to the provider(s) of the services needed by the client.

Cancer Angels of San Diego is different from other organizations

Cancer Angels of San Diego (CASD) is here for the patient's every day needs. We do not pay for treatments, co-pays, medication, other medical bills, or provide funding for medical research. We're here to help with the basic necessities of the cancer patients and their families.


If you or someone you know has Stage IV Cancer, we can help.

Patients shouldn't have to worry about being evicted, having enough fuel to drive to treatment or fearful that they won't have enough food to feed their kids. Contact Cancer Angels of San Diego today to get the help you need.


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